What do we do?

We’re always looking for the next challenge, and push ourselves to go above and beyond, to deliver on all fronts.

Attend events

Not just for seasoned gamers, our events are a great introduction for new LANgoers and visitors alike. With a huge exhibition hall, epic tournaments, and awesome activities to get involved in, it’s never been a better time to attend one of our events as a spectator, either for the day or the whole weekend.

Get involved in eSports

We work with players, sponsors, and partners to bring experience and professionalism to some of the largest esports events in the world today. However, esports isn’t just for full-time professionals; It can be for anyone with a drive to play competitively within a gaming environment. Anyone can get involved at any time, no matter what level you are, and there are a wide selection of games for you to pick from.


Our core community is at the heart of what we do. They are the gamers that, at events, turn up in their hundreds. They are the people who play almost every night. They are the members who communicate to us their thoughts and feelings, allowing us to feed that back into the actions we take. We’ve talked about why we do what we do… but they’re who we do it for.

Over three years of pure gaming passion

In 2012 a group of students of HOWEST decided to organize a LAN party as a school project. LANsaLot was born. Three years later DC Events VZW was founded, a non-profit built to formalise their university hobby of running small LAN gaming events into a recognised business. DC Events VZW covers a vast range of areas of work from Events and Online services, LAN systems development and more.

Headquartered on the border of Bruges' beautiful city, DC Events is a Belgian non-profit dedicated to bringing people together in worlds both physical and virtual. Get in touch to find out more about what we do, and how we can help you and you can help us.



DC Events is a non-profit organization (VZW)

DC Events VZW
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